Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my special order take?
Special orders though Menards will have an estimated delivery date 21 days after the order has been placed. However, many orders will arrive to the store before the 21-day lead time. Menards order tracker on their website can be used to find order updates.

How do I order replacement parts for my cabinets?
Replacement parts can be ordered though Menards for all our product lines. You will need the size of the cabinet or specific replacement part needed to order.  Replacement parts include drawer glides, hanging brackets, hinges and shelf clips.

Can I order directly though Quality One?
Please visit a Menards or Sutherlands location to purchase our products.

Do you offer bulk pricing for contractors?
Currently, we do not offer bulk pricing for contractors.

How can I check the status of my order?
If you purchased through Menards, please track your order by visiting and entering your order number.  If you need further assistance please contact our customer service team and they will be happy to update you on the status of your order.

Why is my Menards order status still “on order from vendor”?
If you purchased through Menards, your order will remain “on order from vendor” until it is loaded on a trailer in which the status will change to “shipped in full.”  The order will keep this status until Menards receives into their computer system.  If you have any questions as to where your order is in the our process, please contact the customer service team and they will be able to update you.

How do I cancel my order?
All orders must be cancelled though the store which you placed the order.  If you placed an order through Menards you can also cancel by contacting their customer service team.  We then will receive a notification to cancel if the order has not been shipped. Please note custom ordered doors and drawer fronts will need to be cancelled before construction has begun, as we will be unable to cancel an order after that point. Custom doors and drawer fronts typically begin the construction process 2 days after the order is placed.

When will my order deliver to the store?
Once your order has been shipped, please allow four days for delivery. While we are unable to track the trailer, our customer service team will be able to assist in a better estimated timeline if needed.

How do I order custom door/drawer fronts?
Quality One builds custom sized doors and drawer fronts that are available through any Menards location or the Menards website and typing in keywords Custom Cabinet Doors.

I ordered the wrong size cabinet; how do I adjust my purchase order to the correct sized cabinets?
We are unable to make changes to special orders. To cancel, you will need contact the store in which you placed the order.  A new order can then be placed with the correct items needed.

I need my order faster than Menards says it will arrive; can I get my order rushed?
Please contact our customer service team; while we are unable to guarantee an expedite delivery, we will try our best to have your order delivered faster.

My order is due on a holiday; when will it arrive?
We will try our best to meet the scheduled delivery date. However, it may take an extra day or two for them to arrive because of the holiday.

My order is in transit; can you track the truck and tell me when the truck will arrive?
While our team is unable to locate a truck, we can provide an estimated delivery day. One of our representatives can contact the trucking company used to try and provide more specific delivery information.

Why does my Lazy Susan only measure 30″ wide and 18″ deep?
When installing our lazy susan cabinet, pull the cabinet away from the wall 6″ on both sides to match the face frames adjacent to it.  This will give you the installed width of 36″ and depth of 24″.  Please refer to the Lazy Susan installation link on the brochures tab.

How are these cabinets manufactured?
Quality One is a fully integrated raw material facility meaning we manufacture all cabinet components internally.  Components are then gathered and hand assembled according to our specifications.

Do you use red oak, white oak or both?
Our Premier line of products and also our Premium oak use only North American red oak.  This allows us to have consistent color throughout our cabinets.

What is the difference between Premier and Premium?
Premier cabinets are constructed using a particleboard shell which incudes end panels, top/bottom and toe kick.  For the same cabinets parts listed above, Premium cabinets use plywood.  Please refer to Premier and Premium at the top of the website and click on the features tab for more product details.

Does Quality One make finished cabinets?
We have finished laundry and utility cabinets in 2 sizes.  All other Quality One cabinetry is unfinished.

How do I adjust my doors to line up properly?
Our doors can be adjusted by loosening the screws on the door and sliding it up or down to properly align the doors. There are no further adjustments.

Does Quality One make custom sized cabinets?
Unfortunately, Quality One does not manufacture custom cabinets.

Are your drawer boxes a dovetail construction?
Although our drawer boxes do not use a dovetail construction, they are very structurally sound using plywood with cold glue and staples in each drawer joint.

I received defective items?
Please refer to and complete the Replacement Part Order Form under the Brochures tab on our website.